Impact Hub Salt Lake City, picture taken from my new part time flex desk

I am trying this ‘week-in-review’ type post. Maybe it will prove interesting.

Today, I joined Impact Hub here in Salt Lake City. Impact Hub is a global network of co-working spaces with a focus on ‘social innovation’. My goals are not that lofty, but I hope to find a space where I can meet local folks who work on interesting things, and just have a place to work that is not home or a cafe.


The Dutch Government is urging me to register to vote. I do not even know how they know my email address. I would find the stark contrast with the lengths some US states go through to disenfranchise their citizens amusing if it weren’t so depressing. That said, I have never been able to vote in The Netherlands without bringing my passport or European identity card.

I built a standing desk and wrote about it in an earlier post. I am still transitioning into a work day with more standing and less sitting. If only I had an Apple Watch to tell me how much I sit vs stand.


Over winter break I rebooted the not-so-small project of scanning all my slides. I have ~5000 by conservative estimate. Most of them are mounted. I can scan mounted slides 8 at a time. One batch takes a little over 20 minutes. I don’t even care to extrapolate what that means for a target completion date.

huge fiber optic spools

We re-upgraded to Amazon Prime. Amazon is an iceberg. Its visible presence and impact on brick and mortar retail is stunning. But it is only the tip of the iceberg. 70% of all internet traffic passes through Amazon servers. Through S3, AWS and other services that Amazon invented and still does better than everybody else. So much better that all your Netflix shows and Instagram photos are on them. Makes me wonder if Amazon will (have to) do an ‘Alphabet’ style company break up.

My first Prime order was a stash of vanilla beans. When they arrive, I am going to make profiteroles. I haven’t baked anything for a couple weeks!

Reading / Watching / Listening

Finished The Facebook Effect. Halfway through ‘Choose Yourself’. (Not too impressed so far.)

No movies this week - yet. We did watch all of Making a Murderer this week. Disturbingly entertaining. I will wait for the rest of the world to finish watching it before I say anything else. Which should be soon.