We were in New Orleans, Louisiana for a SO work event. I had never been to the South, so that was exciting.

I deleted my Facebook account. Or however close you can get to doing so. There are numerous sites that explain how to do this, so I won’t repeat that here.

Why? Plenty of reasons. Facebook exposes when you are asleep, who you have called and texted (and when, and for how long), and knows you uncomfortably well even if you don’t have an account with them (old news from 2011 / 2013 that was quickly forgotten). If you think they do all this to make more money off of you, you would be right. But they also screw over their actual paying customers. So no matter how you engage with Facebook, you lose.

I still need to delete my WhatsApp and Instagram accounts. The latter does not offer an easy ‘takeout’ option, so the fancy filter versions of my images, snarky comments and witty titles and descriptions will be gone forever. No love lost though. I wasn’t on Facebook all that much so deleting the account does not bother me much.

I am still on Flickr!