Spring is here and beautiful tulips are coming into bloom in our back yard. Tulips we didn’t plant, so I don’t know what kind they are, but I would like to know. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some deep learning / neural network powered determination engine app in existence I could turn to for a quick and accurate answer. If not, one out of thousands of AI startups is bound to be working on one. If all else fails, Google will probably get you on your way with a reverse image search.

The answers are free, data is the currency in the AI driven world.

AI and more specifically machine learning are taking charge of what we see, learn, and do. People are starting to notice (#DeleteFacebook). As always, when the negative side-effects of innovation become more than background noise, there is bound to be a backlash. A segment of the internet population will (express the desire to) revert to a more artisinal form of information gathering that does not require them to give their pricvacy and where input reliably predicts output. Human-curated internet indexes like DMOZ might be in for a comeback. So may RSS, argues a recent Wired piece.

Google Reader Absolutely Customizable

Remember Google Reader?

Serial entrepeneurship comes down to a cycle of creating problems and then solutions for them, which then become some new problem in need of a solution. Biz Stone co-founded Twitter, which was instrumental in creating the bias funnel problem in the first place. He then went on to found the human powered questions and answers app Jelly, an artisinal human-to-human questions and answers app. Jelly slowly stumbled its way towards an acquisition by Pinterest, who were looking for his solution to his problem.


Biz cooking up the plans

I actually liked Jelly for ‘what is this Tulip’ type questions, and I don’t know of an alternative that works well, but I think there is still / again a lot of value in such a platform. The real problem is not building the technology (it never is) but dealing with humans who will quickly find a way to implode it.


How the internet implodes source