I was in California on Thursday and Friday, visiting Telenav HQ for the first time in 10 months. Nice to be back and catch up with my co-workers in person. This is one of the most important drawbacks of being a remote worker to me. I miss the face to face contact. I am not a phone person and have never been. As an introvert, the more unknowns are present when engaging in human-to-human contact, the more anxious I feel. On a phone call and even in a video meeting, it is impossible to read most non-verbal communication that is going on. That introduces unknowns. That starts even before a meeting begins. How does someone come into the room? Calm and composed? Still on the phone from some other meeting, or texting? Carrying a notebook, a laptop? All those things tell me a lot about how the meeting is going to go, and how to best engage with the person I am meeting with. This is one reason why I like to be on time for meetings, or if I can a little early: I get to settle in first, and watch other people as they come in. Whenever I am late to a meeting, folks usually comment that I seem hurried / frazzled. That is true: I was probably rushing to somehow not be late, and when I come into the room, I am very aware of others already there as they read me and I try my best to read them.