Meet Your Mappers (MYM) is a new tool I built for OpenStreetMap. It shows you the mappers in your area as a table that looks like this:

You can sort on any column by clicking on the column headers. That allows you to quickly see who has mapped recently, for example. A bonus column Mapper Type groups mappers into broad categories based on how much they have mapped, over how long a period of time, and how recently.

I tried to make it fairly simple to use, but you do need to know the OpenStreetMap boundary relation ID of the area you are interested in. You can look this up by going to the OpenStreetMap web site, using the search box to search for the area by name, and clicking the result. The relation ID will be next to the name on the left top:

Once you have this, you can enter it into the field on MYM and click ‘Go’. MYM will then retrieve the OSM data for your area in the background, and tell you the result after a while.


The tool is made using the Flask web application framework. The backend process is written in Python 3. The front end is plain Javascript and HTML, and uses DataTables to render the pretty table and jQuery for other conveniences.

MYM is open source (MIT) and available on Github with some instructions on how to run it yourself. Contributions and feedback are welcome!