A few weeks ago, I built and released Meet Your Mappers, a web tool that lets you identify OpenStreetMap mappers in an ares of your interest. I received a lot of great feedback and encouragement and have addressed some of the main concerns people raised. Here’s an overview of the updates.

Box shaped areas of interest

The single most important piece of feedback I got is that the tool is too hard to use because of the need to identify the area of interest by looking up an OSM relation ID. This is error prone and unfriendly to those not too well acquainted with how administrative areas are mapped in OSM.

This was partly done by design (I didn’t want to make it too easy to use, because of the demands on my bandwidth and the Overpass API) and partly because I was lazy (I didn’t have to build a map widget).

But folks kept asking for it so I added a map widget so you can draw a bounding box to indicate your area of interest. The relation ID option is still there as well.

Alternate server

Apparently, the main Overpass server is not accessible for some people due to internet access restrictions, so I added the option to call an alternate server at https://overpass.kumi.systems.

Mapper identification

MYM groups mappers into mapper types. If you mapped a lot in the area, MYM labels you a ‘Power Mapper’, for example. The applies only to the area of interest, because MYM cannot see what you may have mapped outside of the area it analyzed. I added some wording to make it more explicit that the Mapper Type is a local designation.

I also added an link to the ‘How Did You Contribute’ tool for each mapper. HDYC analyzes a mapper’s entire history for a more complete picture of how much and where they mapped.

Let me know what you think of these improvements, that are now live at https://mym.rtijn.org/.