I am running for a seat on the OSM US board and I hope you will consider voting for me!

OSM US is a large, influential and forward-thinking community. Now that we have Maggie Cawley as Executive Director, we are uniquely positioned and qualified to lead with ideas and actions to keep moving OSM forward in the U.S. and globally.

Here is my list of priorities for OSM US, in order:

  1. Interest Groups. OSM US should formalize and actively recruit for Interest Groups. I envisage an active mutual advisory relation with the board. Potential interests: Government Relations, Imports, Infrastructure, Local Groups, Diversity & Inclusion. We should actively recruit people from outside the existing OSM community to join.
  2. Community Grants. Roll out a program to extend small grants ($2000 or less) to individuals and groups with actionable plans to grow OSM in the U.S.: outreach to schools, hosting events, writing / printing promotional or educational materials, to just give some examples. This would complement the existing travel grants program. An initial round would be time-bound and capped at $20k, after which we’d evaluate and iterate on the idea.
  3. Corporate Relations—I am 100% with Jubal on this topic.

My OSM user profile has more about my experience, qualifications and affiliations.

You can read all about the upcoming OSM US board elections here.