This ^^^ is the Beyond Burger.

It is a new vegetarian burger made mainly out of pea protein. After hearing about them a while ago, I got curious, so when I saw them at a local store I had to buy them. They are reasonably priced at $6 for 2. Uncooked, they look like beef burgers, and they cook like beef burgers:

Having cooked many types of veggie burgers before, I heated some oil before dropping the patties in the skillet. No need: there is an oil blend in the Beyond Burgers that really makes them cook like real burgers.

Unlike your average veggie burgers, the Beyond Burger is juicy and holds together really well. The texture is not quite like a beef burger, but creepily close. It tastes better than most beef burgers I have had, but you should judge for yourself. Pick them up at a store near you.